Beach House Decor Store has a great selection of beach style clocks for your home.


Our wall clocks have a beach style to them. From wall clocks to stand up clocks we have a variety of shapes, sizes and designs to suit your décor needs.
Whether its the transparent frame in the Payton Wall Clock or the oval face of the Toledo Clock, our wall clocks are a great addition to your beach home. For your next wall clock check out our designs including the Antiques Wall Clock, Byran Map Wall Clock, the Burton Coastal Wall Clock, CKI Rocca Wall Clock, Uptown Wall Clock and Jasper Wall Clock. Each has a large face and strong design complimented with either roman numerals or digits.
Being both decorative and functional your pedestal or free standing clocks are a cute part of any beach home. For a stand up clock see the Christopher Clock which makes a great centre piece on the dinning table or mantle piece. Another decorative décor piece is the Lewis Pedestal Clock which can easily be placed to compliment a beach themed décor setting.
If you are looking specifically for a beach or sea theme we have a terrific range of uniquely shaped clocks. One of our personal favorites is the Tyler the Turtle Clock. Another is Crabby the Clock. And our other selection is the Anchor Clock. These treasures can bring your home to life and make checking the time fun. 
Enjoy our range and next time you check the time it may be on your newest beach themed wall or stand up clock.
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Anchor Clock

Anchor ClockItem Dimensions: 17.75"h x 14"w x 4.5"Item Weight: 2.486lbs. Materials: 70% HARD-DRAWN W..


Antiques Wall Clock

Antiques Wall ClockItem Dimensions: 36.25"d x 1.25"Item Weight: 14.85lbs. Materials: 90% MDF, 10% TI..


Bryan Map Wall Clock

Bryan Map Wall ClockItem Dimensions: 31.5"d x 1.75"Item Weight: 14.78lbs. Materials: 50% MDF; 50% Ir..


Burton Coastal Wall Clock

Burton Coastal Wall ClockItem Dimensions: 25.25"h x 21.25"w x 3"Item Weight: 6.89lbs. Materials: 90%..


Christopher Clock

Christopher ClockItem Dimensions: 14"h x 7.25"dItem Weight: 0.69lbs. Materials: 100% IRONantiqued ro..


CKI Rocca Wall Clock

CKI Rocca Wall ClockItem Dimensions: 42"d x 3"Item Weight: 13.86lbs. Materials: 90% Iron 10% MirrorT..


Crabby the Clock

Crabby the ClockItem Dimensions: 26"h x 27.25"w x 2"Item Weight: 3.52lbs. Materials: 60% Iron, 20% M..


Jasper Wall Clock

Jasper Wall ClockItem Dimensions: 48"d x 2"Item Weight: 9.9lbs. Materials: 100% IronMassive scale an..


Jefferson Clock

Jefferson ClockItem Dimensions: 16"h x 16.5"w x 2"Item Weight: 3.17lbs. Materials: 100% IronOld worl..


Lewis Pedestal Clock

Lewis Pedestal ClockItem Dimensions: 12"h x 7.75"w x 6"Item Weight: 1lbs. Materials: 37% Movement; 4..


Payton Wall Clock

Payton Wall ClockItem Dimensions: 30"h x 24.25"w x 2.25"Item Weight: 2.86lbs. Materials: 90% Zinc, 1..


Toledo Clock

Toledo ClockItem Dimensions: 20.5"h x 12.75"w x 2.25"Item Weight: 1.44lbs. Materials: 95% Steel 5% G..


Tyler the Turtle Clock

Tyler the Turtle ClockItem Dimensions: 23"h x 19.75"w x 2"Item Weight: 2.2lbs. Materials: 60% Iron, ..


Uptown Wall Clock

Uptown Wall ClockItem Dimensions: 32.5"h x 23.5"w x 2.5"Item Weight: 10.25lbs. Materials: 85% Iron, ..