Beach House Decor Store has your kitchen covered


Our beach kitchen range will surely suit your décor needs. We have beach themed practical pieces perfect for every kitchen.
The champagne and wine are covered with this Anchor Wine Holder. In terms of unique wine containers you can't go past it's beach style.
Prepare and store all your beverages in ice with our large and wooden Carmen Beverage Tub. Or if you like the beach theme but prefer to go for something less subtle use the Cayman Boat Drink Bucket.
Feeling peckish? To compliment a beach style in your kitchen, check out our range of must have kitchen accessories. These include the Marble and Wood Cheese Board, the Petra Marble Cake Stand, the Poppy Marble and Wood Cake Stand and our Sea Life Canisters (set of 3).
Enjoy our range and next time you your in the kitchen use our great ocean treats to enhance your beach styled home.
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Anchor Wine Holder

Anchor Wine HolderItem Dimensions: 14"h x 13.25"w x 5.75"Item Weight: 1.12lbs. Materials: 100% IRONT..


Carmen Beverage Tub

Carmen Beverage TubItem Dimensions: 14"h x 30"w x 10"Item Weight: 17.6lbs. Materials: 70% MANGO TUB ..


Cayman Boat Drink Bucket

Cayman Boat Drink BucketItem Dimensions: 10"h x 33.25"w x 14.5"Item Weight: 9.26lbs. Materials: 60% ..


Danita Marble and Wood Cheese Board

Danita Marble and Wood Cheese BoardItem Dimensions: 19"h x 6"w x .75"Item Weight: 4.41lbs. Materials..


Petra Marble Cake Stand

Petra Marble Cake StandItem Dimensions: 5.5"h x 8"dItem Weight: 0.81lbs. Materials: Marble - 70%, Ma..


Poppy Marble and Wood Cake Stand

Poppy Marble and Wood Cake StandItem Dimensions: 5"h x 13"dItem Weight: 0.61lbs. Materials: Marble -..


Sea Life Canisters - Set of 3

Sea Life Canisters - Set of 3Item Dimensions: 8.5-10.75-13"h x 6-4.5-4.5"w x 6-4.5-4.5"Item Weight: ..