Beach House Decor Store has a nice selection of beach style mirrors for your home


Mirrors are a great addition to your beach home. Be sure to select a mirror to guard your entrance and of course enhance your space with the strategic positioning of mirrors to amplify your room.
For Mirrors with frames that make a statement you are going to love our large selection. Start with wood mirrors including the Tumelo Wood Mirror, Madiera Waterhyacinth Mirror, Floor Wood Mirror and the Sadie White Wooden Mirror. Our personal favourite is the COncepts Eden Mirror. All of these are round or circular mirrors.
For a rectangular shaped mirror look at the Iron and Wood Sand Dollar Mirror, the Lloyd wood Slat Mirror, the Bamboo mirror with chain hooks or Embry Mouther of Pearl Mirror. And for a rectangular mirror with a splash of color, we also have a mirror that truly holds the beach theme it s the Penelope Blue and Green Mirror.
For mirrors with a simple and more delicate looking frame look to the Senga Large Wood Mirror, the Rally Wood Mirror, the Malana Wooden Mirror and the Molyneux Jute and Metal Mirrors (Set of 2).
If you like the beach and want to be inspired by beach designs you are going to love the School of Fish Wall Mirror. You could also go for any of our Finley Fish Mirrors these mirrors come in small, medium and large. Or to take it to the next level you may like the Ahoy Anchor Wall Mirror which we leave you no doubt you are set on a beach theme.
Whether you are choosing a mirror to be functional or decorative or both you will love our beach inspired mirror selection.
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Ahoy Anchor Wall Mirror

Ahoy Anchor Wall MirrorItem Dimensions: 36"h x 24.5"w x .75"Item Weight: 9.46lbs. Materials: 27% Iro..


Barnett Metal Mirror

Barnett Metal MirrorItem Dimensions: 50"h x 28.5"w x 2"Item Weight: 32.67lbs. Materials: 90% Iron; 1..


Concepts Eden Mirror

Concepts Eden MirrorItem Dimensions: 32.5"d x .75"Item Weight: 12.78lbs. Materials: 90% MDF, 10% BEV..


Embry Mother of Pearl Mirror

Embry Mother of Pearl MirrorItem Dimensions: 34"h x 26.75"w x 1.75"Item Weight: 26.4lbs. Materials: ..


Finley Large Fish Mirror

Finley Large Fish MirrorItem Dimensions: 38.5"h x 12"w x 1"Item Weight: 6.369lbs. Materials: 40% HAR..


Finley Medium Fish Mirror

Finley Medium Fish MirrorItem Dimensions: 32.5"h x 11.25"w x 1"Item Weight: 5.5lbs. Materials: 40% H..


Finley Small Fish Mirror

Finley Small Fish MirrorItem Dimensions: 24.25"h x 8.5"w x 1"Item Weight: 3.498lbs. Materials: 40% H..


Flora Wood Mirror

Flora Wood MirrorItem Dimensions: 35.75"h x 36"w x 5.5"Item Weight: 26.4lbs. Materials: 60% Mango wo..


Iron and Wood Sand Dollar Mirror

15”x 44” Iron and Wood Sand Dollar Mirror Finish: Cottage/ Weathered Turquoise Sea ..


Lloyd Wood Slat Mirror

Lloyd Wood Slat MirrorItem Dimensions: 30"h x 30"w x 2"Item Weight: 17.16lbs. Materials: 50% WOOD, 3..


Madiera Waterhyacinth Wall Mirror

Madiera Waterhyacinth Wall MirrorItem Dimensions: 32.5"d x 2"Item Weight: 15.5lbs. Materials: 40% WA..


Malana Wooden Mirror

Malana Wooden MirrorItem Dimensions: 45.5"h x 22"w x 3.5"Item Weight: 9.59lbs. Materials: 65% FIRWOO..


Molyneux Jute and Metal Mirrors - Set of 2

Molyneux Jute and Metal Mirrors - Set of 2Item Dimensions: 30-37"h x 16-18"w x 1.25-1.25"Item Weight..


Penelope Blue and Green Mirror

Penelope Blue and Green MirrorItem Dimensions: 48"h x 32"wItem Weight: 30.25lbs. Materials: 50% MDF,..


Rally Wood Mirror

Rally Wood MirrorItem Dimensions: 31"h x 18.75"w x 2"Item Weight: 4.36lbs. Materials: 21% Iron, 22% ..