Check out the Beach House Decor Store selection of wall art


If you love beach inspired of beach themed décor, you are going to love our selection of wall art. We stock all types of beach designs for you beach home and have a range of gorgeous pictures.


Choose from framed oil paintings and framed canvas. For that Seaside or Sail boat look go for one of our wall art pieces.


Here at Beach House Décor Store, we have a great selection of Framed Oil Paintings including the Sail Way ship range and the Hampton Framed Oil Painting and Panama Framed Oil Painting.


If you prefer canvas art we have the Seaside Oil on Canvas and the Seaside Waves on Cavas both framed art to suit your beach side abode.


Lets face it, beach houses look and feel better when they are decked out in a gorgeous beach inspired wall art. And our selection of oil paintings and canvas framed pictures inspires.  

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Hampton Framed Oil Painting

Hampton Framed Oil PaintingItem Dimensions: 48"h x 30"w x 1.5"Item Weight: 14.3lbs. Materials: 50% P..


Panama Framed Oil Painting

Panama Framed Oil PaintingItem Dimensions: 48"h x 36"w x 1.5"Item Weight: 11lbs. Materials: 30% PS m..


Sail Away Framed Oil Painting

Sail Away Framed Oil PaintingItem Dimensions: 36"h x 48"w x 2.25"Item Weight: 9.9lbs. Materials: 30%..


Sail Away Oil Painting

Sail Away Oil PaintingItem Dimensions: 42.5"h x 42.5"w x 3"Item Weight: 7.2lbs. Materials: 45% PLAST..


Seaside Oil on Canvas with Frame

Seaside Oil on Canvas with FrameItem Dimensions: 31.5"h x 31.5"wItem Weight: 8.03lbs. Materials: 30%..


Seaside Waves Framed Canvas

Seaside Waves Framed CanvasItem Dimensions: 38"h x 38"w x 1.5"Item Weight: 7.8lbs. Materials: 40% CA..