Tabletop Lamps

Tabletop Lamps

Add some beach style lighting to your home – Beach inspired tabletop lamps


Here at Beach House Decor Store we have a variety of lamp shades which are sure to enhance the look and feel of your beach house. Check out our selection of table top lamps below. From starfish ceramic to square candlestick pot, we have your lighting and decor needs covered.


Be sure to find the perfect lamp for your mantle or table top. Our range includes the tall shutter, round pot accent, ribbed pot, the Graham table lamp, Hexagon wicker pot, iron accent, bamboo woven table lamp, 3-ring candlestick pot and the Montaque glass lamp.


Know that your tabletop lamps can be a centre piece on a dinning table or can rest easy on a side table or coffee table. You can see from our tabletop lamp selection below that design and color can add to the look and feel of a beach inspired home. Remember to go for a lighting style that brings out the best in your beach home including style and shape.


Our personal favorite is the beach inspired Bamboo Woven Table Lamp. With its unique bamboo features and solid stand it adds to the decorative aspect of any dining setting, patio or beach inspired lounge area.


Go ahead and add a tabletop lamp to your decor and notice the change it makes. Whether its decorative or functional, be inspired by the beachy undertones in our tabletop lamps and let your creative selection add to your home decor design.

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3-Ring Candlestick Pot

3-Ring Candlestick Pot Height: 30" Shade Size: 6.5x18x12 Shade#: KT-102 Finish: Weathered Seamist Fi..


Bamboo Woven Table Lamp

Bamboo Woven Table LampItem Dimensions: 28"h x 13"dItem Weight: 4.84lbs. Materials: 70% Bamboo, 20% ..


Basket Weave Table Lamp

Basket Weave Table Lamp Height: 32.5in Shade Size: 7x18x13 Shade#: KT-110 Finish: Weathered Shaded C..


Carrera Oversized Table Lamp

Carrera Oversized Table LampItem Dimensions: 31"h x 17.5"w x 11"Item Weight: 9.24lbs. Materials: 80%..


Graham Table Lamp

Graham Table LampItem Dimensions: 29"h x 13"dItem Weight: 5.28lbs. Materials: 70%glass,10%linen, 5%p..


Hexagon Wicker Pot

Hexagon Wicker Pot Height: 32" Shade Size: 7x20x13 Shade#: KT-102 Finish: Cottage Finial: Cottage ..


Iron Accent Lamp w/ Three Legs

Iron Accent Lamp w/ Three Legs Height: 28" Shade Size: 7x15x11 Shade#: KT-102 Finish: Weathered Wedg..


Montaque Glass Lamp

Montaque Glass LampItem Dimensions: 30.5"h x 16"dItem Weight: 8.8lbs. Materials: 97% Glass, 3% Alumi..


Pot w/Lines

Pot w/Lines Height: 28.5" Shade Size: 7x15x11 Shade#: KT-102 Finish: Nude Two Tone Finial: Nude Two ..


Rectangle Stripe Pot

Rectangle Stripe Pot Height: 29in Shade Size: (6x8)x(13x18)x11 Shade#: KT-102 Finish: Weathered Nude..


Ribbed Pot

Ribbed Pot Height: 30" Shade Size: 6.5x18x12 Shade#:KT-102 Finish: Summer Finial: Cottage ..


Round Pot w/Knot Accent

Round Pot w/Knot Accent Height: 26" Finish: Oyster Shell Shade: KT-113 Size: (6x8)x(12x16)x11 Finial..


Seashell Ceramic Table Lamp

Seashell Ceramic Table LampItem Dimensions: 31.25"h x 7.75"w x 6Item Weight: 6.6lbs. Materials: 60% ..


Small Square Shutter

Small Square Shutter Height: 25.5" Shade Size: (5x5)x(x12x12)x10 Shade#: SQ-12GM-102 Finish: Weather..


Square Candlestick Pot

Square Candlestick Pot Height: 34" Shade Size: (5x5)x(12x12)x10 Shade#: SQ-12GM-102 Finish: Cottage ..